April 6, 2019
A Marathon Mountain Bike Race









#SONOMAS will return in 2019

The Mother of all Singletrack

This event is not a joke. It is a true test of your fitness in every sense. Lake Sonoma is a very rugged place with the terrain to match. Isolation is a regular condition out there, so be safe and try to silence the nagging voices in your head. In short, if you’re considering entering this event, you should be training for it.

Choose from 3 routes!

The Boar's Tusk

35 Miles, 7,000'

Little Piggy

14 Miles, 2,700'

Rest stops are as follows:

BOAR'S TUSK: 8mi (basic), 16mi (basic), 21mi (full), 29mi (full)

FERAL PIG: 7mi (basic), 12mi (full), 20mi (full) “Basic” stops include water, Gu, and Gu Brew and some simple food.

LITTLE PIGGY: 8mi (basic)

“Full” stops include water, gels, electrolyte, a bottle feed and basic food such as bananas and oranges. Bottle feeds are limited to one bottle.


BOAR'S TUSK: 35 Miles, 7,000′
Pro Men
Pro Women
Open Expert Women
Open Singlespeed Men
Expert Men 34 and Under
Expert Men 35+
Masters Men 50+
Sport Men 34 and Under
Sport Men 35+

FERAL PIG: 25 Miles, 5,500′
Open Sport Women
Open Beginner Men
Open Beginner Women

LITTLE PIGGY: 14 Miles, 2,600′
Beginner Men
Beginner Women


Our sponsors are generous folks, and you can rest assured that in addition to having a chance of taking home one of our beautiful medals at the podium, there will be a great big mountain of prizes from our sponsors to get through. We’ll also be awarding CASH purses to Pro Men, Pro Women, and Singlespeed categories as well.  A minimum of 10 racers in a given category is required in order to receive a cash payout. You must be present in order to receive any prizes or awards given for placing in your category.

"Classic" Course Description

The course is 34.5 grueling miles of steep terrain. The climbs are short, steep, and come at you constantly. The descents are of a similar character. There are very few long climbs to set into and just as few long descents to use to get around all those people who passed you on the climbs. Expect to pedal, and should you be racing your singlespeed, do some research when selecting your gearing.


FRIDAY before the race

Though there is not an official camping area, our permit allows riders to camp at Warm Springs and Liberty Glen Recreation Areas.  Just bring either your rider packet, or your confirmation email.  If you want to camp at the official Liberty Glen campsite, then you would need to register with the county at their website here.


7:30 AM — Registration pickup and onsite registration opens.
9:00 AM — Mass start
2:30 PM — Awards

Registered Riders

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Past Results

2013 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017

Register for SoNoMas

Registration for SoNoMas opens on January 1st and is $79 per rider ($59 for the Little Piggy). For that you get stocked and staffed aid stations, a categorized competitive race environment on well-marked and technically demanding singletrack, a traffic-controlled mass-start, an amazing prize list, cash payouts for pro racers and a huge post-race meal to bring you back from whatever cave you found yourself in.