March 11th, 2017
A Mixed Road and Gravel Adventure Race

For road bikes with 28c or larger tires.

Fish Rock commences in:










Start Time 10AM
Location is Boonville, CA
"Lined up for the start, while receiving our informal raceday preamble, a gentlemen drove by in a large truck and yelled out, 'FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!!!' Silence. Then: a chorus of cheers from the assembled riders."
Excerpt from Ride and Repeat.

Ride Fish Rock.

We sit around and talk about "that epic ride" we're going to do... someday--the maps, the markers, and the excuses. Not this time. We're making it easy because all your friends will be there.

Seven years ago, a group of us set out on a ride we conjured up while looking at the California Gazette, before crazy things like heat-maps. It led us to Fish Rock Road, and it is the place that inspired us to create this unique event from Boonville, California. It's not a place you'll find much of what you know, so buckle up, because it's rich in stuff you probably don't know, like favorite local phrases:

"What in tarnation's going on around here?"
"He who laughs last probably doesn't understand the joke."
"That thing don't got no motor!"
"Fish Rock? That's a four-beer road on a good day son."
"It's Boonville, not Booneville."


There's only one route for Fish Rock. It's 72.4 miles and 9,670 feet of elevation gain. The record is somewhere just under five hours.

We begin in Boonville and head west over the very long, beautiful, low-traffic Mountain View Road. After reaching HWY 1 for a brief period we turn inland to make our return and tackle the one that inspired it all: Fish Rock. Quickly turning to gravel and pitching upward, you'll find yourself in a place unlike any other. For the next 25 miles, you'll have yourself, your legs and your heartbeat to keep you company.

This ride is not a joke. Every crazy thing you've heard about Fish Rock Road is probably true, or in some way related to something that is true.


Scoring for Fish Rock is done in two ways.


Traditional overall scoring is captured at Fish Rock. The top three men and top three women for the day will be recognized, regardless of age. The finish line is the Boonville City limits sign. We'll be there waiting for you.


We will also be capturing times on three different segments along the route, and recognizing the top male and top female of each age category. The age groupings are U20, U30, U40, U50 and 60+.

Segment 1 - 1,800' road climb. Begins at mile 4.4 and then climbs sharply for 4.2 miles.

Segment 2 - Rolling hills with moderate climbing for 5.3 miles. Gains 650'.

Segment 3 - True gravel challenge over nearly 11 miles with real challenging descents and steep climbs.

Useful Info:

What bike? Bring your road bike with 28c Armadillo's or bigger. A cross bike works too, but will be slow on the route which has more pavement than gravel.

What gear ratio? How big you go is up to you, but for climbing, we recommend a 34-36 tooth ring in front and a 28 in back.

Timing? Timing will be done by segments.  The timed segments will be added up at the end, and the person  with the shortest combined segments wins. Note: You'll need to hold an average >= 11mph in order to get all your segments timed.  More details to come.

Camping, not Glamping!

The fine folks at Anderson Valley Brewing Company have made a bed for us. Come up Friday evening and stake out your cozy camping spot just outside their famous brewery on HWY 128. What could go wrong?

SIGN UP FOR CAMPING at Anderson Valley Brewing Company!  Limited to the first 100 folks.


Age and gender categories in 10-year increments are awarded for the cumulative road rally portion of the event as well as the top three overall men and women regardless of age.

We'll be giving away great prizes to those who place in their age/gender category.

Also, everyone gets a finishers medal!


8:00am: Camping opens at Anderson Valley Brewery
4:00pm: Packet Pickup at Anderson Valley Brewery
Brewery Tour #1 (additional at 5:00pm if first fills)

Rider Check-In at Anderson Valley High
10:00am: Mass Start
2:00pm: First riders finish
3:30pm: Awards at Fairgrounds
5:30pm: Last riders finishing.
6:14pm: Sunset in Boonville, CA on March 11th 2017




Men: Brian Finnerty @ 4:06:45

Women: Jill Huyette @ 6:04:07

Register for Fish Rock Road Rally

Registration for Fish Rock is $85 per person. You get a fully-supported, timed event with timed segments, stocked aid-stations, mechanical SAG support and a post-race hoedown in Boonville, CA!