Tuesday Night Twilights

Sonoma County Fairgrounds

APRIL 5, 12, 26 MAY 3, 10, 17, 24 JUNE 7, 14, 21


Race Training insta&FB imageYour beloved racing series returns for another round of 10 races with a couple new twists.

Each night will open with an introductory race training where we spend each night focusing on a specific element of group racing dynamics. Skilled and qualified competitors and coaches will lead group exercises and instruct you on a series of topics ranging from riding in a pack to cornering, pace-lining and sprinting. When you’re ready, you can stick around and participate in an actual race.

Races are $20 if you pay online prior to race-day, or you can buy the entire series at a discount. Additionally, there is no extra fee for racing a second, or even a third race in a given night. It’s included!

The Details


  • $20 / Day Online
  • $25 / Day on-site (cash)
  • $160 Up-front for all (save 20%, valid until 2nd race)
  • Race as many times as you like in one night for no additional fee.

Schedule (rain cancels!)

APRIL 5, 12, 26

MAY 3, 10, 17, 24

JUNE 7, 14, 21

5:30 Race Training 20′
6:00 C Race 25′ – Podium @ 6:30
6:35 B Race 30′ – Podium @ 7:10
7:15 A Race 40′ – Podium @ 8:00

PODIUMS: If you miss your podium, you miss your podium.


Race Training: Non-racing, scripted training environment for noob’s.

C: Women and Intermediate racers. Recommended once you have experience from the training series or previous competitive pack riding.

B: Advanced racers. You have ample circuit racing experience and fitness to feel comfortable racing in a competitive pack of riders.

A: Elite and pro level racers. Enough said.

Cash and Prizes*

Weekly cash prizes will be awarded to the top 3 in every racing category with 20 or more competitors. As the fields grow, so will the purse. It will be modest, but who doesn’t like making a few bucks for their hard work?

Other prizes will be given out as well including whatever random assortment of primes we can drum up from our sponsors.

  • Minimum of 20 paid racers in a category for cash. Purse starts at $50.
  • Payouts increase for each additional rider after 20.
  • Prizes are awarded “3-deep” for fields up to 30 riders and “5-deep” for fields larger than 30 riders.
  • Examples:
    • Under 20 racers = cash no payout
    • 20 racers = $50 purse ($25/$15/$10)
    • 22 racers = $60 purse ($30/$18/$12)
    • 40 racers = $150 purse, 5-deep ($75/$38/$18/$12/$8)

*No prizes for the training series.


We will conduct a very brief podium presentation for qualified “paying racers” 5 minutes after the end of each race at the indicated times (see schedule).

“Paying Racer Status”

Field sizes are based on “paying racer status”. A field of 25 riders is not guaranteed to qualify for cash. It depends on whether all 25 riders are “paying racer status”.

At check-in, you will indicate which race to apply your entry fee. This is used to calculated field size for payouts. We will inform each starting field if they are eligible for payouts.


If you are volunteering as part of your team’s commitment, you don’t need to sign up through the site. Individual volunteer positions can be filled by completing the volunteer registration form here.

What’s needed:


Register Online and Save

Starting this year, if you register online you’ll save $5. Sign up as late as the day before. This helps us relieve the effort involved with on-site registration. You can also sign up for the whole season at once and save 20%.