2014 Venues

Race #1: October 11
First Baptist Church of Windsor

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Race #2: October 19
Place to Play

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Race #3: November 1
Maxwell Park, Sonoma
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[ 2013 SRCUP Championship Points ]

The CupThe Santa Rosa CX Cup is a vaunted prize, one that, like Steinbeck’s Pearl, Gollum’s Ring, or Trump’s GOP Endorsement, will cause men and women to go to shocking ends to attain it. For our part, we’ll be awarding it to the racer that achieves the lowest amount of points across all race dates in their respective class. Your points reflect the number value of the place you achieved, i.e. 1st = 1 point, 10th = 10 points, etc. If you raced multiple categories, you’re competing for the Cup in the more difficult field, i.e. A’s instead of B’s or C’s. You are only eligible to win in the most difficult of your category selections and you will have had to race in all of the series races. For any given year where the Santa Rosa CX Cup series has 4 or more race dates in them (that’s not 2013, for the record), you can toss out one result.

It’s a lovely trophy, suitable for holding flowers, pencils, or just cradling in your own hands as you drift off to sleep tonight. Go on and win it–make your holidays bright.


MEDALSWe’re big fans of metal (music), machining, illustration, lasers, and Star Trek. Feed that into the idea grinder and we turn out some pretty fancy podium fruit. Our unique, fully-custom, anodized medals get draped on our top 3 podium winners in every race. Have a look, but don’t worry. They’re aluminum and your drool won’t rust ‘em.


Cash payouts are now guaranteed to be awarded to EVERY SINGLE category. Elite A Women and Men categories will continue to have a guaranteed minimum payout of a $500 purse distributed five deep. All other categories (except for juniors) now have at least a $50 payout with no minimum for participation (juniors get a $25 minimum). That means that, for any category with nine racers or less, the top three finishers split a $50 purse. Should ten racers show, it triggers a $10/racer addition to the purse, tripling it to $150. For every racer from then on out, another $10 is added to the purse, no limit. Get it up to 20 or more racers and we’ll distribute that purse five deep.

As for guys vs. gals, the payouts are all the same, dudes and ladies. Why anyone would do this differently baffles us, but whatever. We’re committed to making plain sense, we guess.

If you’re confused, don’t worry too much. It’s pretty simple and you can see it play out with our super keen purse calculator tool below. Once you figure out that we’re the best deal around, start piling comrades into whatever rig it is you drive to start lines and get over here. At this point, we’re pretty much paying you to bring your friends. Assuming we’ve got the race details dialed, and we think we do, if you all know of a better motivator in CX than money, let us know. We’ll get right on it.

Calculate your payouts

Racers: Category:


Junior Men 10-14 30 minutes 8:30
Junior Men 15-18 30 minutes 8:30
Junior Women 30 minutes 8:30
Master Men 55+ 30 minutes 8:30
C Women 30 minutes 8:30
C Men 30 minutes 9:15
C Men 35+ 30 minutes 9:15
Master's B 45+ 45 minutes 10:00
Master's B 35+ 45 minutes 10:00
Master's A 35+ 50 minutes 11:00
Master's A 45+ 50 minutes 11:00
Singlespeed B 45 minutes 12:20
Men's B 45 minutes 12:20
Cat B Women 45 minutes 1:20
Master's 35+ Women 45 minutes 1:20
Master's 45+ Women 45 minutes 1:20
Elite (A) Women 45 minutes 1:20
Elite (A) Men 60 minutes 2:30
Singlespeed A (open) 60 minutes 2:30