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2014 Venues

Race #1: October 11
First Baptist Church of Windsor


Race #2: October 19
Place to Play

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Race #3: November 1
Maxwell Park, Sonoma

[ 2014 SRCUP Championship Points ]

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The CupIn addition to the new cash payout schedule (see below), we’ll still be handing out the Santa Rosa CX Cup to the racers that achieve the lowest amount of points across all race dates in their respective class. Your points reflect the number value of the place you achieved, i.e. 1st = 1 point, 10th = 10 points, etc. If you raced multiple categories, you’re competing for the Cup in the more difficult field, i.e. A’s instead of B’s or C’s. You are only eligible to win in the most difficult of your category selections and you will have had to race in all of the series races. For any given year where the Santa Rosa CX Cup series has 4 or more race dates in them, you can toss out one result. 2014 is not one of those years, by the way.

Drink out of it, put pencils in it, use it for the ice-bucket thing, it can be yours to do with as you wish. We just hope you use it as an aid to the best humble-bragging your CX season will see.

Cold hard CASH, playa: Win the Series, Win the Dollars

We’re shifting the sands over here, cash-wise. We used to hand over a nice, tidy envelope to all podium finishers at the end of each race. In 2014, we’ll be handing out way bigger envelopes for all racers who slug it out over the entire series. You gotta race ’em all and you gotta finish strong. Cash payouts are guaranteed to be awarded to EVERY SINGLE category at the last race of the season.

As ever, guys vs. gals, the payouts are all the same, dudes and ladies. We don’t pay out in Ladybucks here. We’re always confused as hell why these payouts aren’t the same, so if anyone wants to explain it to us at one of our races, we’d be happy to listen. We won’t change anything, but we’ll listen.


Junior Men 10-14 30 minutes 8:30
Junior Men 15-18 30 minutes 8:30
Junior Women 30 minutes 8:30
Master Men 55+ 30 minutes 8:30
C Women 30 minutes 8:30
C Men 30 minutes 9:15
C Men 35+ 30 minutes 9:15
Master's B 45+ 45 minutes 10:00
Master's B 35+ 45 minutes 10:00
Master's A 35+ 50 minutes 11:00
Master's A 45+ 50 minutes 11:00
Singlespeed B 45 minutes 12:20
Men's B 45 minutes 12:20
Cat B Women 45 minutes 1:20
Master's 35+ Women 45 minutes 1:20
Master's 45+ Women 45 minutes 1:20
Elite (A) Women 45 minutes 1:20
Elite (A) Men 60 minutes 2:30
Singlespeed A (open) 60 minutes 2:30
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